Tips For Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer is officially here and what a relief it is to residents across the state of  Maryland. Days of cloudy skies and cold chills are gone. Get ready to say hello to sunny days, pool parties and barbeques! But like many of us know, summer comes with its upsets as well. As temperatures continue to rise you’ll be looking for ways to cool down your home, without cranking up the air conditioner. We’ve got the best tips to beat the summer heat in your Forty West Builders home.

Open Your Windows At Night

During most summers, evening temperatures can get to an average of seventy degrees. Try opening your windows at night time to allow some of the cool air to circulate through your entire home. You’ll be astonished at how quickly the cold air brings the temperature down!

Closing Curtains And Blinds During The Day

A good amount of heat seeping into our homes comes from leaving the curtains and blinds open throughout the day. And due to the greenhouse effect, this heat is unable to escape, leaving your home feeling like a heat box on hottest days of the summer. Try closing your blinds during the day to block out the suns rays from entering the house. Doing this can lower the temperature of your home by twenty degrees!

Fan Tunnel

We’re getting a little more strategic with how we use our fans this summer! Use a fan to create tunnels of cool air entering your Forty West home. Slightly crack a window on the main floor (preferably the living room). Then, widely open another window on the second floor on the opposite side of your home and turn the fan on in front of your second-floor window.  As the heat begins to rise you’ll quickly get the hot air out and keep the cool air in.

Open The Doors

Keeping your doors open may one of the easiest things you can do to keep the temperatures low. Keeping the doors open in your home allows the cool air to circulate freely through every room in your house.

Planting Shade Trees

The right tree at the right place at the right time can make a world of difference when it comes to cooling your home. No, planting a tree in front of your windows will not immediately provide shade to your house, but tree’s and other plants add color and beauty to the landscape. Over time your planted trees will prove their resourcefulness.

Grill More

Any usage of a stovetop or oven is bound to increase the temperature in your home almost instantly. Keep the heat outside by grilling a little more this summer. No need to stuff yourselves full of hotdogs or hamburgers, try cooking some (or most) of your daily meals on the grill with these everyday grilling recipes!