Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall has arrived in Carroll County and Forty West residents can feel the temperature cooling off. Get your home ready for the season with these in-depth cleaning fall tips and tricks. Break down your cleaning schedule by room and let the fall cleaning begin!

The Living Room

Fall is an excellent time for family and friends to cozily gather in your living room, making it one of the hardest places to keep clean. From disheveled throw blankets to squashed couch cushions keep your living room neat with these few tips.

  • Remove any unwanted smells from your furniture by lightly sprinkling baking soda on the upholstery. Let it settle in your couch and chairs for twenty minutes, and use a vacuum hose to get the powder off your furniture.

  • Spot clean any spills or stains that have set into your cushions or pillows.

  • If able, gently machine wash your pillow covers with cold water.

  The Kitchen

Cold weather means less grilling in your backyard and more cooking in your kitchen. The kitchen is where most of your family gatherings happen throughout the day, making it, even more, messier during the fall and winter months. Make a little time after dinner to complete easy tasks that can be worked into your dinner clean up.

  • Clean off and wipe down the countertops and kitchen appliances.

  • Sweep and vacuum those hard to reach corners to dust away any hidden crumbs. Underneath the refrigerator should be the first spot!

  • Give your sink a deep clean with these Stainless Steel Sink cleaning and care tips.

The Bathrooms

Keeping your bathroom sparkling clean is essential no matter the season. Our Forty West master bathroom is where homeowners freshen up for the start and end of their days. Keep your cleaning space clean and make sure the bathroom is prepped for the cold months approaching!

  • Clean off the countertops and organize any toiletries you have in your bathroom cabinets.

  • Wipe down the mirrors with a simple glass cleaning solution.

  • Use Tilex to clean and wipe down your showers and tubs for a fresh finish.

  • Wipe down the bathroom baseboards.


The Bedrooms

The bedroom is the designated room for sleeping! With the days growing shorter and the nights get colder you’ll want to cozy up in your bed on those brisk fall nights. Make sure your bedroom is the ideal spot to unwind after dinner and gently doze off to sleep.

  • Change your bedding from the lightweight linens of summer to heavy-duty comforters you’ll need for winter.

  • Dust off your ceiling fan with a microfiber cloth and set the blades to move clockwise to circulate heated air.

  • Pick up and put away and clothes and other belongings. Now would be the best time to store all your summer and spring clothing and hang up this winter sweaters and jackets.