Almost every customer who walks through our doors has a house to sell.  Consequently, often times our buyers are initially under the false pretense that they can’t buy a new house until they sell their current house.  If liquidity isn’t a concern, it is the fear of being stuck with two mortgages if their current home doesn’t sell before their new home is ready.

Through the combination of special construction to permanent financing programs and our Forty West Certified Realtor program, we can put your mind at ease.  With a core concentration in the first and second time move-up market, we have made it a practice to not only design and build the perfect new home for you but we have developed tools to help you sell your new home fast.

So what exactly is FW Certified?  Forty West Certified is a preferred list of experienced Realtors with a proven history and superior reputation.  Certified Realtors will help you price your home right, stage your home for a quick sale, market it aggressively and ultimately negotiate the most favorable terms.  Better yet, through our strategic partnership with these Realtors, you can save 1.5% on the listing fee when you buy a new Forty West home.  This can put thousands of dollars back in your pocket!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter a contract with Forty West Builders on your new home
  2. Interview and select one of our Forty West Certified Realtors to sell your existing home
  3. Enjoy a savings equal to 1.5% of the final sales price of your existing home.

For example, if your existing home sold for $500,000 you would save $7500 in Realtor fees.

Want to get a head start on preparing your home for sale?  Take a look at this quick video on staging your new home:

For more information on the FW Certified Realtor Program, special financing programs and even a guaranteed sale program on your current home, contact John Conaway at 410.491.4700.